Dead Fisherman NFT Launch

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How many Dead Fishermen are available?
· There are 4,999 Dead Fisherman available.

Will every Dead Fisherman generate passive income?
· Yes!

What is the price of one Dead Fisherman?
· The cost of one Dead Fisherman is .05 ETH + Gas.

Is there a Whitelist or Presale?
· No there is No Whitelist or Presale

What’s the maximum number of Dead Fishermen I can mint?
· You will be able to mint 10 Dead Fisherman per transaction and 50 per wallet.

What is a the value of one Dead Fish?
· Each Dead Fish holds a value of $1.00 paid in ETH

When is the official Dead Fisherman reveal?
· The reveal will be instantly after mint.

What are the Dead Fisherman rarities with minting percentages?
· Dead Fisherman – 10 Dead Fish per day (90% chance of minting)
· Rare Dead Fisherman (Gold Bone Rod) – 20 Dead Fish per day (10% of minting)

When will Staking start?
· Staking will start after 75% of Dead Fishermen sold.

How will I be paid out?
· You can cash out your Dead Fish for ETH once a day.

When will I be able to withdraw my ETH?
· You can withdraw 1 week after you started staking your NFT.

Source: NFT Evening