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By recreating classic movie moments in the metaverse, the heyday of Hong Kong cinema returns, setting forth a commonality between people and uniting them in the access of collective memories. CRYPTYQUES will be launched in 3 phases; past, present, and future, in the cycle of life. The first series of the “past” phase will be focus on the “7 Emotions”, including Desire, Fury, Fear, Joy, Bitterness, Loathe and Love.

As the debut collection for CRYPTYQUES’ past phrase, “DESIRE” is a collection of 1,320 NFTs of reinvented classic Hong Kong movie scenes from the 1980s NEW WAVE. Each NFT reflects the strong emotional yearning of desire which have been recreated as 3D-animated video clips by Wing Shya and an internationally-acclaimed Hollywood production team.

Source: NFT Evening