CryptoSoup NFT Genesis Drop

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Inspired by Warhol, adapted for crypto. The CryptoSoup NFT Genesis Collection will mint on Jan 29th and consist of ONLY 250 unique CryptoSoup NFTs in our “classic” design language. Mint price will be .075 ETH + gas.

Over the course of 2022, there will be a total of 1,962 CryptoSoup cans released across multiple collections, BUT the Genesis Collection will never be diluted beyond the original 250 units.

The Genesis CryptoSoup NFT grants holders the highest membership level in the Xposed Planet community.

It includes exclusive access to:

**– Community Wallet Benefits**

**– Web3 Accelerator access**

**– Business and Investment Support Services including consultation with our founding team and feedback from our VC partners**

**– VIP access to IRL and Digital events**

**– Future DAO allocations**

**– Priority Access to future CryptoSoup and Xposed Planet drops including partner drops and fractionalized asset syndications**

Initially, the Community Wallet will be endowed with 20% of original mint revenue + 20% of all future secondary royalties. Additionally, the community wallet will receive 10% of mint revenue and 10% of royalties from the remaining collections that will complete the 1,962 units. Community wallet will benefit from Xposed Planet commercial activities including profit share from outside clientele.

WL and OG roles will qualify for priority allocation of max 2 mints. Any additional units not minted by WL and OG will be available for public mint with a maximum of 1 per wallet in public sale.

Source: NFT Evening