CryptoDinosaurs Drop

The NFT Unicorn 000 CryptoDinosaurs Drop Upcoming NFT Drops

CryptoDinosaurs Drop – NFT Evening

The NFT Unicorn NFTevening2 CryptoDinosaurs Drop Upcoming NFT Drops

“Who Said Dinosaurs Are Extinct? We have evolved and do not eat each other anymore! We have adapted to modern life and learned to enjoy it!”

The original collection of NTF dinosaurs! Each one is MANUALLY created! We are against using automatically generated NFTs, and we are very proud of it! Half of the existing collection is already SOLD out!

The collection will gradually increase! The inspiration of our artist is inexhaustible!

BONUS – You have a unique opportunity to order your own dinosaur, and we will draw it according to your idea! Write to us on Twitter!

Source: NFT Evening