CNK World Public Sale

The NFT Unicorn 1500x500-1-2 CNK World Public Sale Upcoming NFT Drops

The CNK World needs your help!
Born on the streets of Melrose. Raised by high fashion and hype culture. Brought to life by Cookies N’ Kicks. The mission? To create an environment for creatives to collaborate. What’s next? Just wait. The CNK family has entered the Metaverse.

With 6,777 outlaws free and dripped out in swag, the outlaws are running all over CNK World, taking over the fashion industry and terrorizing the streets in an attempt to prove Dr. Chip that they run the World. Will you capture them and return them back to Dr. Chip, or will you become them in the Metaverse and join their side. The fate of the CNK World is in your hands…

The Roadmap:

Whitelist Opens
Join the discord and engage with the community to get whitelisted.

Public Sale
Will you capture the 6,777 outlaws and return them back to Dr. Chip?! The fate of CNK World is in your hands.

Cookie Jar Staking
Stake your characters to earn $CHIPS. The more $CHIPS you have the more voting power you have in the DAO. You can also use your $CHIPS to redeem in life items such as clothing and mystery boxes.

Community run DAO
10% of all secondary sale funds will be added to the DAO treasury. Owners of $CHIPS will be able to propose and vote on how DAO funds are deployed. The mission of the DAO is to empower and fund small clothing brands.

Metaverse Hangouts
Melrose on Decentraland: Building out a sneaker store and venues to host events for holders to attend and hangout.

NFT Worlds: Scavenger hunts for holders to earn prizes and engage with the community.

Source: NFT Evening