Cloneverse Lands Pre-sale

The NFT Unicorn Frame-931 Cloneverse Lands Pre-sale Upcoming NFT Drops

Cloneverse is a unique P2E sci-fi 3D strategy game made fully on-chain. You’ll be able to build your own space colony and earn mining resources and crafting items!

Get your lands, gather resources, conquest new lands and start building your own CLOD_16 colony.

The game will constantly evolve with the players giving the opportunity to build new types of buildings and units, research new technologies and get involved in clan wars for new resources and lands!

Get started in CloneVerse with a starter pack from one of three levels.

Each starter kit includes:

– Earth;
– Workers;
– Starting Resources.

The lands differ among themselves in the amount of resources and slots for buildings:

– Base set: 5 building slots and a small amount of resources on the land;
– Rare set: 8 building slots and an average amount of resources on the land;
– Epic set: 12 building slots and a lot of resources on the land.

Source: NFT Evening