Chroma World Public Sale

The NFT Unicorn 400x400 Chroma World Public Sale Upcoming NFT Drops

Chroma World is a place welcome to all, especially if you love weird looking abstract art. It is the 1st complete abstract style PFP NFT collection, nothing needs to make sense when it comes to expressing your imagination. One of our main goals is to connect digital & physical art, which will be done in a variety of ways, a feature artist program support other creators, the chroma world randoms collection, this includes random art work airdropped to the NFT holders, and more.

Season one includes 9001 Abstractars built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a collection that is different, but in a way, make sense. It includes over 250 hand draw traits, as well as original 1 of 1’s. The traits will be used to generate each unique piece. If you also have a fetish for things like pixel art, simplistic, clean, or even love a bit of gold bling, this collection is for you.

The focus on the 2D collection is in the background, while also blending in with the abstract character, this will all link into later seasons of Chroma World.. ‘Abstract3D’.

Source: NFT Evening