Cartoon Cartel NFT Drop

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Cartoon Cartel is a community-driven NFT project that aims to become a leader in the space. The project is more than art, it’s an entire digital & physical experience being created which you can gain access to through owning the NFTs. With almost a year of behind-the-scenes technical work, art creation, and strategic planning, the team is ready to unveil its plans to the world! Visit our website to fully understand the brand we’ve created:


Project Description:

Three factions, one mission, save the world.

Cartoon Cartel is a collection of 9,999 NFTs built on the Solana blockchain that includes over 1,000 hand-drawn traits! Mint price is 1.5 $SOL. The base collection consists of 3 factions, The Turned, the Mechs, and the Surf each containing 3,333 NFTs randomly distributed throughout the base collection.

When mint opens, holders of the base collection will be able to mint the Alien Tech NFT for free. The Alien Tech NFTs act as utility tokens by earning $TOON tokens, free mint of other NFTs, and more rewards in the future.

All holders of any NFT from the base collection will be airdropped 7 other NFT collections over the next 12 months, completely free. Receive airdrops of NFTs that will be used in our play-to-earn game, a free NFT version of the Cartoon Cartel comic book, & other collections used to expand the cartoon cartel universe.

Holders get access to physical products, a holders-only forum, creators fund, members-only store, and much more. Read more about our plans in the detailed roadmap on our website.

Source: NFT Evening