Cardano Island Land Sale

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Located on Virtua Prime, Cardano Island is the Cardano community’s true home in the metaverse. Cardano Island forms part of Virtua, a gamified metaverse where you can play, interact with iconic brands, build, showcase your NFT collection, hang out with friends, and much more.

Cardano Island will be a space where community members can live, play, and socialise together in the metaverse. You can interact with great brands and their metaverse activities, including Legendary Entertainment, Williams Racing (F1), Dynamite, the Hero ISL, Shelby and more.

The Cardano Foundation, IOG, and other linked projects will have their headquarters on Cardano Island. All Cardano buildings have a style unique only to this island. In addition, all structures have social community hubs with VOIP enabled features.

Members can use Academy Centra to access learning opportunities, training courses, and other educational resources. Community members will also be able to play Virtua Studios’ original games (such as Nitro League, Jetpack Runner, and more) when those games are launched.

Source: NFT Evening