BrainDance Drop

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The first P2E simulation inside blockchain. Mint your character, stake and upgrade it, claim your digital real-estate (penthouse) and at last claim your Crypto Business. 3 NFTs in 1 set.

Fiat Fathers have left us no choice but to escape reality. We, the Crypto Nation, the rebels, have created a holographic simulation inside metaverse, called BrainDance.

A Nation that simulates original and modified realities and plays them like a video game to escape the reality that our world has become. But Fiat Fathers are not letting Crypto Nation residents to live peacefully. That’s why we need to fight back.

We need your help BrainDancer!
Jack Into our Metaverse by minting a NFT, simulate another reality that you can call home, and join the fight against Evil.

Source: NFT Evening