Billionaire Shark Society Mint

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Unleash the Shark

Billionaire Shark Society is the home of the new era of auspicious sharks.

In the Sharks’ Den numerous paths to prosperity are formed by the people for the people, eclipsing the metaverse, resonating through the real world.
Are you ready to become the shark?

BSS holders will have exclusive acces and together with the team build on:

– Future collections.

– Shark University. A teaching ground for the new age of artists, developers and web3 enthousiasts.
A place for self-improvement. From self-confidence & good habits to mastering your
mindset & skills. The start of your journey to prosperity, the place where you unleash the shark within.
Includes the Studio, Playground, Social-hub & the Dojo.

– La Galerie: A virtual museum where Sharks of the Sharks’ Den will be displayed, using inovative art techniques
including VR, 360 image, and Responsive Design. Oh yeah, and a fan art section as BSS is build by the people, for the people.

– The Bazaar: The Bazaar is an agglomeration of web3, web2 and real-life sale channels, exclusive
to BSS Holders, founded by strong relationships with top-tier brands.

This includes an NFT marketplace, Merch in partnership with local & recognized designer & POP UP Stores

– Evolution. You don’t want to miss evolved sharks.

– The Shark Tank: a place where innovative ideas, designs and strategies come to life.
An incubator that invests in community initiatives expanding the realm of the sharks through design contests & inspiring concept competitions.

Invest together in seed rounds of new projects. New projects seek shared interest early on to reduce risk. Sharksseek the oppurtunity to invest early on. It’s a win-win.

The Job Board for NFT & Blockchain related business.
(Long term)

Source: NFT Evening