Beatport Synth Heads Launch

The NFT Unicorn 11111 Beatport Synth Heads Launch Upcoming NFT Drops

Beatport’s inaugural NFT project – acts an exclusive membership to a multitude of events and activations across the real and digital space. 3030 Synth Heads. 0.06 ETH.

Digital Perks: Holders will gain access to numerous digital perks and exclusive content related to the intersection of music and technology. Future NFT claims, production tools, and artist access are just some of the benefits that will be unlocked in the coming months.

Physical Perks: VIP access to marquee electronic music festivals and Beatport events. First access will be to a globally recognized festival, TBA in the coming months. Future event access and physical benefits will be unlocked through community collaboration and Holder feedback.

Source: NFT Evening