Battle Angels Update

The NFT Unicorn NFT-Series-drop Battle Angels Update Upcoming NFT Drops

Battle Angels Update – NFT Evening

The NFT Unicorn NFTevening2 Battle Angels Update Upcoming NFT Drops

Blue Horizon: where DeFi meets NFTs. Blue horizon is a curated platform where the attractive aspects of DeFi are combined with the world of high quality NFTs to increase value for Artists and Collectors. Buy NFTs with any of the tokens listed on the DEX and use the NFTs in farming and gamification to yield rewards.

The Blue Horizon platform is an user friendly and fair platform by giving a significant part of the platform fees back to Artist and Collectors. The NFT marketplace is being curated to make sure that only high quality artwork is eligible for staking and farming

The BLH token utility comprises: – Yield farming opportunities on the DEX – Staking BLH to receive discount on NFT platform fees and to be eligible for platform fee reimbursements – Governance over the Blue Horizon platform

Source: NFT Evening