Bare Skullz Minting Day

The NFT Unicorn BS-TWO-SKULLS Bare Skullz Minting Day Upcoming NFT Drops
Bare Skullz Minting Day – NFT Evening

The NFT Unicorn NFTevening2 Bare Skullz Minting Day Upcoming NFT Drops

We are launching 5050 uniquely generated 3D skulls on Opensea. We have all seen the animated skulls projects but these are pieces of art brought to life and look incredible. Don’t you agree?

*There will be no whitelist as we want to make it fair for everyone so the minting will be for the public on a fist come first serve basis.*

We decided not to have Discord to avoid spamming and scams that every project faces during minting so we wanted to be as safe as possible.

!!We have lots of generous giveaways coming for our holders!!

Source: NFT Evening