Bally on the Block Launch

The NFT Unicorn WhatsApp-Image-2022-06-15-at-11.07.19-AM Bally on the Block Launch Upcoming NFT Drops

Bally on the Block is a UK grime inspired collection of 7,777 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Hailing from the streets of London where grime, drill and hip hop do the talking, there’s nothing on the blockchain quite like it.

When you own a Bally, you own a slice of the UK pie – an NFT space that’s ripe and ready to explode. Every piece in the collection unique and hand-drawn by artists BlazeB.ETH and Nodnarb. Bally is vast, he contains multitudes.

After Bally has landed on the block, we’ll be launching a collection of Bullys, our take on the British bulldog, also in 7,777 unique forms.

And, once Bully has settled in with Bally, we might just introduce a Baddie… because every Bally needs a Baddie.

*The roadmap: Bally’s Got Talent, our decentralized talent scouting platform*

NFTs are just the beginning for Bally on the Block. Music and grime inspired this project, which is why we want to build a decentralised talent scouting platform to support up-and-coming artists in our long-term roadmap.

We will be inviting artists to showcase their talent on the platform, and members of the Bally Fam (a.k.a Bally NFT holders), will be able to use their NFT as a voting key to collectively decide which artists the community wish to support.

Bally on the Block is a project that is built on a love of music — not just UK grime. We think the world would be bleak and boring without it, and we know that there is no music without musicians. Our aim is to put power back into the hands of creators, starting with this first NFT drop.

*IRL meet ups, merch and more*

The community is at the centre of every decision we make at Bally on the Block. That’s why we will be creating opportunities for real life meet-ups so the community can hang out, as well as Bally merchandise, so you can look as dope in real life as you do in your PFP.

Source: NFT Evening