Bad Ass Fam NFT Launch

The NFT Unicorn 6BLmRCuP_400x400 Bad Ass Fam NFT Launch Upcoming NFT Drops

Bad Ass Fam’s goal is to support all Oversized people all across the world. Our adopters will have a free pass to enter metaverse events from our team in the near future. Our hard working fully doxxed Persian team is planning to run huge charity events and donations to oversized people. Bahare, our successful photographer and social media influencer with an eye catching background is our number one founder of this project. Bardia, our blockchain expert with computer science knowledge with contribution in many different successful projects is our second founder.

Our journey started since we started accepting crypto payments for a project we were working on and used all that crypto to purchase a few NFTs. In Persian culture most oversized people get bullied on an everyday basis and because of that they keep hiding themselves from society. We decided to launch our own collection where our NFTs are representing beautiful and sweet oversized ladies to use the sale fund for charity and inspire Persian culture.

Source: NFT Evening