Astrophilez Mint

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The Astrophilez are race of Star born beings that were forced to flee their home planet Cosmesys, found at the absolute center of the universe, over 3000 years ago following the invasion and conquering of their planet by an enemy civilization. The Astros that successfully found refuge on planet Earth have been gearing up for their return home in the years that have followed and have finally grown strong enough to reclaim Cosmesys as their rightful home. Will you join them on their journey back to the very center of the cosmos?

The Astrophilez were created with community in mind, we have no roadmap and have promised nothing but good vibes and great art. We plan to allow our most loyal and dedicated community members to vote on what our official number 1 utility should be from a list of 4-5 options including but not limited to Node Implementation, WL/Tool Marketplace, Tool development, Game development, etc. We have not yet completely set in stone any mint details other supply and date, announcements will be made in the coming week. Thank You!

Source: NFT Evening