ArtaCardano Multiverse – Drop 1 – Public Mint

The NFT Unicorn BANNER-NOU-TOATE-PERSONAJELE-FINAL ArtaCardano Multiverse - Drop 1 - Public Mint Upcoming NFT Drops

First Public Mint – of only 1/6 of our entire project.

ArtaCardano is a 3D NFT Project that will have multiple collections.

All the Characters in this Collection are fully based on the personification of CARDANO Ecosystem and Community.

We will lend you the power that flows throughout the ArtaCardano Multiverse, to help us shape the road of it, as we move forward through time, space, and parallel universes.

A story of 6 Chapters spread across 3 Parallel Universes.

3 Factions: Fantasy, BioMechanic, Robots.

Gain Plus Ultra Cards for % of our earnings.

Source: NFT Evening