AIGoblinVillage Mint is Live

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We smart goblins, yes. AI made, yes. Big question, me asks. Is artificial intelligence not smart because artificial means fake. hmm. Means fake intelligence. Means no smart. Indeed.

Goblins escape town. Go Great Library to get wisdom. Escape bad goblins. Oh nos. Fell into a portal. Oh nos. But become smart. Indeed. All smart. And handsome.

Master buy mint? Yes. See website. Only 333. Very little. Indeed. Hurry up. Goblin impatient. Very. No discord. No roadmap. No whitelist. No presales. Just goblins. Goblins made by robot. Robo AI. Wheeeee.

Mint from website on 2 July 2022 1pm UTC, secondary sales on OpenSea.

Goblin sits.

Source: NFT Evening