Abstract Vibes Drop

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Why Abstract Vibes?

About 30 years ago the X Window System was one of the first systems to include support for an image as their desktop background in 1985.
After 12 years Mac OS 8 in 1997 was the first Macintosh release to include support for using desktop images.
Due to the widespread use of personal computers, some wallpapers have become immensely recognizable, the default wallpaper of Microsoft Windows XP
became the most viewed photograph of the 2000s.
On 2022, after two decades of the rapidly developing technology and the birth of the first blockchains, a new concept has developed : the possibility of owning a nft, crypto or specific asset, web 3.0. With Abstract Vibes we want to bring pc backgrounds finally to a fast growing blockchain, Cardano!
Everyone can own their own wallpaper, created manually without any code behind it.
Better to create every single nft than to let a code do the work.

Abstract Vibes Collection :

There is 3 tipe of Abstract Vibes:
-Abstract Poly, 150 nft Unique with polygonal style.
-Abstract Line, 100 Nft Unique with linear style.
-Abstract Pixel, 50 nft Unique with pixel art style.
Each category is individually numbered!
Ex. You can find the number # 3 even 2 times but the abstract will be different!
depending on the category!

Community and Abstract Vibes distribution :

Total supply 300 Abstract Vibes :

-12 Nft on Free Giveaways to reward early users. (6 Poly 4 Line 2 Pixel)
We will be creating events for the giveaways in the weeks before the drop, 6 will take place in discord and 6 on twitter page.

-8 Nft to holder.hodler.
We will take a snapshot every 7 days after the drop and 1 community hodler will be randomly chosen.

-280 Nft with main Drop
Price – 25 ADA
Date – 12/02

Source: NFT Evening