555 Bosu Genesis Collection

The NFT Unicorn card-1 555 Bosu Genesis Collection Upcoming NFT Drops

555 Bosu Genesis Collection – NFT Evening

The NFT Unicorn NFTevening2 555 Bosu Genesis Collection Upcoming NFT Drops

The BOSU NFT combines 555 hand-drawn personalized anime
characters with 115 randomly generated traits on the Ethereum
blockchain. This collection will be the first step of Final Bosu making
a mark in the NFT space. The goal is to showcase the power of the
BOSUS! You will stand together with 25 well-known influencers on
the same mission: to join the Dojo and discover your characters’ full

Every genesis owner has helped to build the foundation of the Dojo. A
percentage of revenue generated related to the Dojo will flow into the
community vault. We are also looking into ways to give holders access
to the earnings in the vault. If you’re interested in the exact
tokonomics, stay tuned after mint.

Source: NFT Evening