‘Far More Bearish’ Survey Predicts Doubling of Ethereum Price This Year

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Ethereum (ETH) could reach as high as USD 7,609 this year and is expected to end the year at USD 6,500 — more than a doubling its current market price, found a new survey of industry experts conducted by comparison website Finder.

“Ethereum, if it stays on top of technical and innovation challenges, will continue potentially erratic growth with the potential to thrive in the medium to longer term,” University of Brighton senior lecturer Paul Levy commented in an email shared with Cryptonews.com.

He added that Ethereum as a network is “an early innovation success story,” and said that the potential “needs to be matched by further innovation capability.”

Despite predicting ETH price more than doubling this year, however, the latest ETH price survey was described by Finder as “far more bearish” on the long-term future of the digital asset than last year’s survey.

“The panel’s prediction of the value Ethereum may reach by 2030 has been dialed back significantly,” Finder wrote. 

It further noted that the positive outlook expressed in last year’s survey has been “heavily affected” by the “tumbling” value of ETH in early 2022, as well as tougher regulations internationally.

Among the experts surveyed by Finder was crypto startup Permission’s chief product officer Vanessa Harris, the crypto exchange and investment firm Panxora Group’s CEO Gavin Smith, Finder’s founder Fred Schebesta, and a number of other industry leaders.

Over the longer-term, most experts surveyed were still quite bullish on ETH, with the average prediction for 2025 coming in at USD 10,810, before an expected doubling by 2030 to USD 26,338.

ETH price predictions for 2022, 2025, and 2030, per Finder’s panel:

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Source: Finder.com

Among the most bullish on ETH’s prospects this year was Martin Froehler, CEO of crypto trading platform Morpher, who said that ETH’s lower inflation rate, combined with the move to Proof-of-Stake and innovation in decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), will lead to higher prices.

Meanwhile, Funder founder Fred Schebesta was more bearish, saying he believes ETH will reach USD 7,000 this year, while noting that the Ethereum network, as opposed to Bitcoin (BTC), is up against “increasingly strong competition.”

The latest ETH price predictions from Finder’s panel of experts follow a survey with the same panelists published in January on the bitcoin price. By averaging the forecasts made by the panelists back then, Finder predicted that BTC would reach a high of USD 93,717 this year, before ending the year at USD 76,360.


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