Shifting from ‘ETH 1’ and ‘ETH 2’ to ‘Execution Layer’ and ‘Consensus Layer’

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Supply: AdobeStock / Casimiro will cease utilizing the standard “ETH1” and “ETH2” phrases when referring to the phases of Ethereum (ETH)’s improvement — as a substitute adopting using “execution layer” and “consensus layer.”

Extra particularly, ETH1, which refers to Ethereum utilizing the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism, can be ‘renamed’ to the “execution layer.” However, ETH2 (or Ethereum 2.0) — the stage when Ethereum’s shift to the proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism is finalized — can be designated because the “consensus layer.”

“As of late 2021, core builders stopped utilizing the [ETH1, ETH2] terminology, [and] at present, as highlighted in our Q1 roadmap, makes the identical shift,” they stated in a weblog submit., per their web site, is a public, open-source useful resource for the Ethereum neighborhood, to which anybody can contribute to. It has a “small crew” that maintains and develops the location which is funded by the Ethereum Basis.

They famous that the first motive behind the change is to take away attainable confusion, arguing that some customers would possibly suppose that ETH1 comes first and ETH2 comes after it, or that ETH1 ceases to exist as soon as ETH2 finalizes — whereas in actuality, they’re each elements of Ethereum. In different phrases, ETH1 + ETH2 = Ethereum.

“By eradicating Eth2 terminology, we save all future customers from navigating this complicated psychological mannequin,” stated.

Moreover, some malicious actors have tried to trick customers through the use of the ETH2 misnomer, making them swap their ETH tokens for faux ‘ETH2’ tokens, they stated, including: “We hope this up to date terminology will carry readability to eradicate this rip-off vector and assist make the ecosystem safer.”

The crew additionally famous that renaming does not change something about Ethereum and its roadmap.

As reported, in late 2021, Ethereum blockchain’s Kintsugi Testnet went dwell and allowed customers to check and prototype the Merge — when the present Ethereum Mainnet “merges” with the beacon chain PoS system.

Earlier this 12 months, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin evaluated Ethereum’s progress in the direction of its “grand imaginative and prescient” throughout an episode of the Bankless podcast, estimating that it’s midway there.


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