Zoo Frenz Public Sale

The NFT Unicorn ZenApe_1230-1-2-1-p-500 Zoo Frenz Public Sale Todays NFT Drops

Welcome to Zoolandia, a bountiful world teeming with animal Frenz.

At the heart of this faraway land sits the crown jewel of all Zoolandia – Primatopolis. Of all the Frenz, the apes of this sprawling city stand alone in their ability to create enduring bonds and connections with those they meet.

In Primatopolis you will find apes of every type and shape but all of them without fail find time each day to meditate. Through meditation and mindfulness Primatopolitans can ponder the interconnectedness of all living things. This heightened state of consciousness enables them to effortlessly befriend those around them. This is what gives these Ape Frenz the unique ability to generate $FRENSHIP daily.

It’s even been rumored that with enough $FRENSHIP some Primatopolitans have been able to ascend to higher planes of existence…

At the moment, it seems only the apes are privy to this mystical knowledge, but given their generous nature surely the other inhabitants of Zoolandia can’t be far behind…

Source: NFT Evening