Wizards of Gridlock NFT Drop

The NFT Unicorn wizards-cover Wizards of Gridlock NFT Drop Todays NFT Drops

Gridlock Crypto Wallet welcomes you to join the magical world of Gridlock and take part in unravelling the secrets within!

Mint date: February 25
Supply: 10,000
List price: 0.5SOL
Whitelist available by completing different tasks on the Gridlock Discord Server.
10 NFTs bought per person maximum

Here’s what we know so far:

The goblins have invaded the world of Gridlock and are trying to drive out the Witches and Wizards.
The Witches and Wizards are outnumbered ten to one, and there is no way they can resist the takeover. The groups retreat to the far ends of Gridlock to escape the attack and consult the elders. They say this invasion had been foretold in legends and that the eight different races must meld together to awaken the lost races, who are far more powerful.
Now, the Witches and Wizards have to put their differences aside to meld together using the ancient Melding Coins from deep within the volcanoes of Gridlock. It is time to open the Meld Portal and ensure victory and survival.

Gridlock provides the unique opportunity to create your own NFTs in the future, using melding. The Discord server and social media platforms will be holding regular giveaways and provide many ways to make it onto the whitelist for huge reductions in price.

The genesis set of Wizards is the first in a line of many collections to be released and the possibility to meld is coming very soon! Gridlock Witches and Wizards are intended to be kept in a Gridlock wallet so that all future features can be accessed. Collect NFTs and meld them to create rarer, more valuable ones and discover the lineage and backstory of the world of Gridlock!

Secure your whitelist spot easily today and build the community by engaging with Gridlock’s Discord server!

Source: NFT Evening