The Sappy Thespian Club NFT DAO Collection

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Our belief is that we are all Thespians to some degree and we all have to play a character periodically. Having to wear a mask from time to time is sometimes a necessary evil to hide how we really feel about something and adhere to social conventions/social norms. For some, ironically wearing a mask helps us be our true selves and speak our mind freely as we are not confined by who we are but more so by what we have to say.

A percentage of proceeds of all sales will be invested into The Sappy Thespian community DAO, with a portion donated to charitable organizations. The first recipient will be The Jed Foundation (JED) dedicated to mental health and suicide prevention for teenagers and young adults.

Each member holding a Sappy Thespian NFT will earn fractional shares of the DAO collection and profits. A percentage of DAO proceeds will also be invested into projects geared to great storytelling, ideal for use in video or Metaverse mediums.

Source: NFT Evening