The Mooners Mint Fest

The NFT Unicorn GIF-Banner-v3-2 The Mooners Mint Fest Todays NFT Drops

The earth has been declared inhabitable in the year 2049, The remaining population of 300 is Moved to the Community Built by the Shadow Council on the moon, Along came, A Wacky set of Characters, Who had become a family to survive the new life and the new world. This community has been split in two, One for the ones who bought the Seats, The Rich Community, and the other for the ones picked up from the remaining survivors, The Poor Community. The Mooners decide the future and the story of their lives, In a Wacky set of Episodes each Month based on the Events happening in the Metaverse and how our characters play these Events. How are they going to survive? Live the Show and Decide.

Each character with unique abilities living their life and controlling the story and the flow of the show. 300 Uniquely Hand-drawn Mooners NFT Ready to be cast on this Mooners Metaverse.

Source: NFT Evening