The Horseman Club NFT Collectible

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In the heaven of Metaverse, there’s a community of winning horseman. In a fast-paced and transitioned world, just the fastest ones will be the first on reaching power in the future.

The Horseman Club is a distinctive collection of 10,000 art pieces that lie in the ERC-721. Each one of this tokens is unique, indomitable and rules his life by building his own path. These NFTs are thoughtfully designed, specifically picked and impeccably shaped, and there are more than 170 distinctive traits.

We are excited for creating the wildest community ever and to show all of you our future updates. We want that every holder has the power and is representative of Horseman with. We aim to endow holders with a powerful aura and we want you to feel represented with your own Horseman, which will grant you access on giveaways, events and a lot more. Stick with us through this journey to the glory and let’s rule the metaverse.

Source: NFT Evening