The Defiants NFT

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The Defiants NFT: First NFT Project w/ DAO Bounty System that rewards community members for providing Alpha. Also equipped with Yield-generating tiered weapons, Become one of 7,888 to sustain your livelihood within our ecosystem, and take your place in shaping a new future.

When and Where

The Defiants NFTs will be running on April 07, 2022, on the Mintable marketplace. Yield generating NFTs that grant you $CRUX tokens|

Use a $CRUX token to customize your NFT in several ways

Alpha Bounty DAO that rewards community members for providing Alpha (NEVER SEEN BEFORE!)

$CRUX tokens are the core of our ecosystem and are generated by the 2,888 Defiants equipped with yield weapons.

Don’t have a yield generating weapon? Build one in our Core Crux Laboratory.

The Defiants NFT presale

Presale for the @Whitelisted will cost 0.06 ETH / per 1x mint (low gas fees), a maximum of 2 mints per wallet, maximum of 2 mints per transaction.

The public sale of defiants cost will be 0.07 ETH / per 1x mint, a maximum of 10 mints per wallet, maximum of 5 mints per transaction.

Creator: The Defiants

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: Mintable

Source: NFT Evening