The Boujee Leopards Club – $100,000 Donation

The NFT Unicorn Boujee-Leopard The Boujee Leopards Club - $100,000 Donation Todays NFT Drops

We present you our NFT project “The Boujee Leopards Club.” We are developing 6590 artistic NFT collection based on snow leopards. We are creating 6590 to raise a cause that this majestic species is heading towards extinction and only 6590 are left in the world.

Our NFT holders will have the opportunity to join the digital world through NFTs and Metaverse. Holders will have access to our digital land (Metaverse playground) where they can create avatars, play awesome games, monetise, yield tokens, burn tokens for real life goods and much more. Club members will also have the luxury to become part of community events, gatherings, have a chance to alluring giveaways like cash prizes, Porsche 911, Rolex, free ETH, NFTs and so much more.

Source: NFT Evening