Slotie Junior Drop

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Meet Slotie Juniors & Own the Metaverse
The idea of jumping to Las Vegas from your living room has casinos knocking on the metaverse’s door. Slotie Juniors are not just going to the metaverse, they’re building their own – The Slotieverse.
The Slotiverse is the Las Vegas of the Metaverse.
Slotie Juniors are the next generation of NFTs in the most anticipated blockchain gambling network of Sloties. Only 5,000 Juniors will ever be mintable. Slotie Juniors grant access to the Las Vegas of the metaverse, SlotieVerse.
Slotie Juniors are non-fungible, which means no two tokens are the same. Go beyond the traditional online casino experience and become a part of the world’s largest metaverse Casino community, SlotieVerse, by minting your Slotie Junior.

Slotie Junior benefits and broad utility.
Land airdrop
Every Slotie Junior gets a plot of land in SlotieVerse’s Slotie Junior District. The Slotie Junior District is a group of adjacent land plots where each parcel is owned by the Slotie Junior holder (a total of 10,000 land plots). It’s fully autonomous and one of the hottest areas in SlotieVerse which is under full control of the Slotie Junior community. The community can decide if they want to rent out the parcels, develop the land, or anything else they imagine. It is controlled by a smart contract where the community can vote and make big decisions. The Juniors community controls 100% of the income of the district.

Exclusive Holder Reward – EHR
Holders of Slotie Juniors are rewarded with their well-deserved Exclusive Holder Rewards (EHR) from SlotieVerse. As the project grows it generates extra utilities for the Junior holders. In SlotieVerse EHR is generated from: ‍
SlotieVerse marketplace.
SlotieVerse marketplace is where users trade with different assets: 3D objects, new casino games, new artworks, etc.
Slotie Juniors’ Slot Machines.
50 Slot machines are placed in the Slotie District. Slotie Juniors earn different amounts of EHR from the slot machines by becoming liquidity providers, or just being holders of the Slotie Junior.

Wall of owners.
SlotieVerse all started because of the Slotie community–and everyone has to know about this–which is why around the Slotie District there is a Wall of Owners featuring 10,000 statues of each unique Slotie Junior. The statues are owned by the holders of the Slotie Junior and they can name the statues after themselves. Every visitor of the city will be able to see the name under the statue.

Free spins & event tickets.
If there is something fun happening in SlotieVerse, Juniors have their benefits in it and can participate. Slotie Juniors can attend events with discounted prices, have free spins, and rakebacks in the slot machines and other casino games in SlotieVerse.

Embassy in Sandbox.
It’s like having an embassy in a different world. Slotie Juniors will own land in Sandbox, which will be developed as a casino, and this casino will serve as a bridge to SlotieVerse. The Sandbox land is managed by the Juniors’ DAO. Part of the funds collected from the Juniors sales and royalties collected from Opensea will be spent on the Sandbox land development.

Become a member of the strongest and fast growing metaverse gambling community.

Source: NFT Evening