Shoes Fuse NFT Drop

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In our Shoes Fuse lab, we take shoe uppers and soles from popular shoes and fuse them together to create new designs. We call it… NIKELAR FUSION of TWO SHOES or “NFTs” for short. We created a limited edition collection of 5000 NFTs. View some of the shoes we are fusing on our website!

Shoes are available for purchase now!

Some important details:
– Mint available today
– Ownership perks include 4K high res image of NFT and exclusive access to the member site. Member site is for Shoes Fuse NFT owners and contains the Shoe ART WALL – a canvas accessible only to wallets containing at least one Shoes Fuse NFT. It’s the place to collaborate and make pixel art!. The members only site will also be where future merch will be available to only Shoes Fuse NFT owners.

Source: NFT Evening