Serum 27 Mint

The NFT Unicorn legendary-humanoid-1 Serum 27 Mint Todays NFT Drops

Serum 27 MINT will produce you 3 Stakeable NFTs 1 Humanoid & 1 Clone Kong these are both stakeable in the SerumLab Ecosystem. The 3rd NFT will be the Serum itself which will be the Key component to the SerumLabz ecosystem. Each serum will have the power to grant staking capabilities for all 4 SerumLabz collections. The 2 New Collections Humanoidz & Clone Kongz but also the 2 already existing collections LabGoblinz & Mutant Kongz

– CloneKongz – Humanoidz – LabGoblinz – MutantKongz

All 4 collections will produce $LabTokenZ which will be used within out Marketplace, P2E Gaming , Merch Lab and many more uses for holders!

Source: NFT Evening