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Munumi Royal Syndicate NFT is a collection of 1251 casino employees of the Beta Vertos VIII space station – The largest casino known to any sentient being within our known universe. Owning at least one makes any holder immediately eligible for a share of the profits accumulated by the Beta Vertos VIII casino.

Every NFT is unique, and unlike other NFTs, where the rarity is nothing more than some gripping elements of design, the rarity also determines the revenue received from the casino. Rarer NFTs receive a larger share of the casino’s accumulated profits.

This makes Munumi Royal Syndicate NFTs unique in the field – not only are they riskless because a share an NFT receives is invariable, but also timeless as hold time is unlimited. Separating them from the crowd of different NFTs and making them worth holding


What is the Munumi Royal Syndicate NFT?
The Munumi Royal Syndicate NFT is an upcoming project on the Solana block chain where NFT holders will receive a share of the casino’s profits.

❓ How much will it cost to mint a Munumi Royal Syndicate NFT?
The mint price will be 1 SOL and 0.8 SOL for WL

❓ How many Munumi Royal Syndicate NFTs will there be?
A total of 1251 NFTs, 1250 will be sold at public sale. With one exceptional card auctioned after the mint phase.

❓ When is the launch?
The Munumi Royal Syndicate NFT launch date is 9 April 18:00 pm UTC.

❓ How can I become eligible to participate in the pre-sale?
Join our Discord, reach chat level 3, and invite three additional members. Also, follow our Twitter account, like and retweet a pinned post. After completing requirements, create a whitelist request on Discord.

❓ How does the Munumi Royal Syndicate NFTs rarity work?
The 1251 NFTs split into five categories in the following way:
Saiko-Komon: NFT amount – 1, determining trait – gold mask, royalties received – 2% of the profit share.

Kyodai: NFT amount – 25, determining trait – red mask, royalties received – 0.64% of the profit share, split between the holders.

Shatei: NFT amount – 100, determining trait – purple mask, royalties received – 0.2% of the profit share, split between the holders.

Supervisors: NFT amount – 325, determining trait – blue mask, royalties received – 0.08% of the profit share, split between the holders.

Workers: NFT amount – 800, determining trait – green mask, royalties received – 0.048% of the profit share split between the holders.

❓ How are the casino’s accumulated profits distributed?
55% goes to NFT holders.
20% goes for the upkeep and development of the casino.
15% is used for advertisement.
10% goes to casino’s reserves.
❓ What is the benefit of holding a Munumi Royal Syndicate NFT?
Anyone holding Munumi Royal Syndicate NFT in their Solana wallet, (not listed on a secondary market) are directly eligible for a share of the profits accumulated by the casino. The earnings of each card will depend on the rarity of the NFT. Rarer NFTs receive a higher

❓ When will the casino launch?
The estimated launch of the Casino is two weeks after mint day.

❓ What games will the casino contain?
On the launch day, the casino will contain a roulette wheel. With seven black and seven red squares with a multiplier of 2x and one green square with a multiplier of 14x.

❓ Where can I buy/sell Munumi Royal Syndicate NFTs after the launch (Secondary Market)?
Magic Eden. Updates will come towards launch

Source: NFT Evening