Panda Universe NFT Drop

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What is PandaUniverse?

Panda Universe is a Polygon Network powered NFT Collection that is committed to giving back to the community. Each of our 9450 Pandas will be minted with unique and interesting attributes that will not only be fun for the community but will bring them utility in our play to earn game PandaVerse!

From regular giveaways, community-driven charitable donations, and passive income, we are dedicated to our community and bringing YOU a good return on your investment.

Why should you invest in us?

There are many reasons why you should mint 1 or 5 Pandas!

– The mint price will be and remain 0 MATIC + Gas fees! This is so everyone who is new to NFT’s can invest with minimal risk!
– Holders of 100 randomly chosen Pandas among the first minted will receive 10% of our royalties for one complete year! (Only applicable for whitelisted)
– Feel good about yourself! Every month the community will vote for a charity to donate 10% of our royalties to!
– All of our holders will be eligible for regular airdrops from our development team!
– Get access to our play-to-earn game PandaVerse and earn CRYPTO by battling other Pandas, and completing tasks!
– Become a scholarship manager and build your own community!
We will be hosting giveaways every 2nd day up until the public mint date. Feel free to join them! More information can be found on our Discord and Twitter!

Source: NFT Evening