Only Zebras NFT

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Only Zebras is a hand-drawn collection of algorithmically generated alternate universe characters and will be printed as NFTs on the Solana blockchain. There are a total of 2222 unique Zebras, with different looks, outfits, accessories, emotes and more.

πŸ¦“ The birth of 2222 unique zebras in the Solana Nft ecosystem.
πŸ¦“ Starting the staking phase, which has an important place in the Only Zebras project, with different options.
πŸ¦“ Launch of $ZBRS token earnings with the stake
πŸ¦“ Starting the activities of the project where the earned $ZBRS tokens will be used

πŸ¦“ Announcement of the supply reduction plan, one of the most important goals of the Only Zebras project.
πŸ¦“ Introducing limited edition Baby Zebras that can only be minted with earned $ZBRS tokens
πŸ¦“ Announcement of the Cyber Zebras project in line with the supply reduction plan initially targeted
πŸ¦“ Explanation of the burning mechanism for the transformation of Only Zebras and Baby Zebras projects into Cyber Zebras project.
πŸ¦“ Zebras will embark on a new journey in the Solana ecosystem as a stronger community with the low-supply Cyber Zebras collection.

Source: NFT Evening