Mythia: Find Profitable NFTs!

The NFT Unicorn Under1MB Mythia: Find Profitable NFTs! Todays NFT Drops

Owning the Mythia NFT helps you find profitable NFTs before everyone else.

It has 3 key benefits:

— Intel aggregation. Want to know what projects are going to be big? You’d need to be in the exclusive Discord groups, where all the big decisions are made. To get in, you’d need to spend $500,000+ on NFTs, then read thousands of messages a day.

We own these NFTs, and have a full time team reading all the Discord messages. We condense the intel (alpha) into an easy-to-digest daily newsletter and podcast, as well as real time alerts.

— Software Tools. Mythia NFT owners get access to our software tools. They can also vote on what tools we build in the future. Tools include:

* Recent Whale Trades – See what proven NFT traders are doing in real time.

* Underpriced Rare NFTs – Find NFTs that are underpriced for how rare they are.

* Exclusive whitelists – See which whitelists you can join right now.

* Portfolio tracker – track your profit and loss, in USD and ETH, for all your NFTs in one screen.

— Profile Picture. The NFT comes with a badass cyberpunk & anime inspired artwork.

Source: NFT Evening