Mystical Energy – Alien Shaman NFT Collection Drop

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Mystical Energy – Alien Shaman animated game-ready 3D NFT Collection.
Alien Shaman is a generative collection of 7777 special-purpose game characters. Each holder gains access to our turn-based strategy MMO game, Mystical Energy, scheduled for Q4 2022.
In the game, you will join a faction, and discover alien biomes, new continents, ancient ruins, underground caves, and mysterious artifacts buried in sand or trapped in ice caps from millions of years ago.
You will also find spacecraft crash sites, remains of mysterious life forms, and their technology, which might directly affect the game mechanics.
Based on this information, The Mystic Alien Shaman collection grants the following benefits to their owners:
Alien Shamans are the only creatures who can decrypt runes of ancient artifacts, which will benefit the owners by providing them with sacred knowledge. This allows owners to access new quests and rewards that no other players can.
Alien Shaman’s unique ability to transport all other creatures across planets (as the game grows, more planets are discovered), they earn commissions for that service in-game.
Every accessory of the Shaman NFT will affect in-game attributes like power, defense, stamina, speed, intellect, and so on. Try your luck, and mint the most powerful combinations!
Alien Shaman owners will receive the first “life energy token” Airdrop when an in-game token is launched.
This is a limited offer. After selling all 7777 characters in the collection, there will be no more Alien Shamans in the game. Unlike other species, Alien Shamans won’t hatch from eggs, and there will be no possibility to mint a new creature with these rare traits and skills. It is the premium collection of our entire project, and it is available only for our early contributors.
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Source: NFT Evening