Murlock Zombies Public Drop

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The Murlocks Club is a private collection of NFTs unique by the fact it has no ROYALTY system.

The benefits from our collection comes from the token that you will receive each day, just by holding your favorite Murlock character.

We have decided to introduce the 0% ROYALTY system in order for the trust that we’ve got in our members, and to be more profitable for them on each reselling process.

We have an interesting roadmap also, that involved the following steps:

%10 – The Murlocks Emerge!
Murlocks Are Beginning Their Road To ETH With Their Unique Feature. You Got It Right! 0% ROYALTY.

%30 – Grand Opening
The Mint Process Will Begin. We’ve Got 299 Early Murlocks For Free. The Next 4700 Murlocks Will Be 0.003 ETH Each.

50% – Tokenization
Each Of You Will Get A $MRLCK Dollar Token Airdropped Every Day, For Every Hour Of Owning A Legendary Murlock (Or 3x Normal Murlocks) In Your Wallet.

75% – Merging To The Metaverse
Ready For Claiming Your Own 3D Metaverse Ready Murlock.

100% – Prepare Your Luggage
From The Moment We Are Sold Out, We’ve Prepared 50 Legendary Murlocks. The Luckiest 50 Owners Will Be Pushed To A Lottery That Includes A Vacation Of 3 Days In An Exotic Side Of The World. Yep, All The Costs Are Covered By Us!

Source: NFT Evening