Mint Your Own Galaxy!

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Metamorph is a mysterious collection of 2,341 interactive 3D galaxies orbiting the Ethereum blockchain.
Join Metamorph’s flight deck and its crew of volunteers setting out to look for 3D galaxies in space after discovering strange signals sent from NASA’s faraway space probe, Voyager 1. 🚀
Metamorph’s 2,341 unique galaxies can be spun, turned, and zoomed in and out. You can find the position of your galaxy on a breathtaking map of galaxies we just deciphered from Voyager 1’s cryptic signals.
Click for a 3D, interactive experience:
We named it , the Universe Map. Your token has a designated place on the Universe Map but we just don’t know where yet. Let’s keep a watch for the next Voyager 1 signals to locate your galaxy!
On our adventures into space, we’ll encounter puzzles on the website, social media accounts and the artworks themselves.
🎁Metamorph is awarding
– 53 Token Giveaways
– 3 ETH Prize
– Whitelist Spots
To long-term galaxy holders, the most active community members, those who solve the puzzles, and supporters of this project.
The distant Voyager 1’s signals are weak, and every new batch of data takes hours to days to be transmitted from deep space to Metamorph HQ.
That’s why galaxies minted on our website take some time before they are fully revealed. We are in constant contact with Voyager 1 to go through new clues and galaxies as fast as possible and we need as many people as possible on the job.
Days after the initial mint, the HQ will let you know which cluster your galaxy belongs to.

Minting will first open to two prioritized groups, here’s how

Private Mint: Opens before public sales
Whitelist Mint: Opens before public sales. Register for it on the website
Public Mint: Everyone can get a galaxy (11 March 2022)

Be sure to register on our whitelist on the website to make sure you get your hands on one of the unique galaxies in our limited collection.
Metamorph is enlisting. Are you feeling adventurous?

Source: NFT Evening