Minideath Batch .06

The NFT Unicorn batch_6 Minideath Batch .06 Todays NFT Drops

Minideath is a collection of handcrafted 1:1 NFTs living on the Polygon Blockchain, characterized by a unique minimal design style.

With mint price of 0.015weth, Minideath collectibles drop frequently and in small batches. All current batches are sold out 🥳🥳🥳

Batch .06 includes 5 Minideath collectibles from .035 to .039, and it will drop on Opensea Thursday, February 3rd, 18pm PST

Perks of supporting the project:
– A copy of Minideath .021. A special edition artwork minted exclusively for owners.
– Unlockable perks on the website
– Automatic listing to Phase 2 (stay tuned!)
– Being a key part to a growing community

Follow the project on Twitter to stay up to date, join our Discord server to be included in upcoming giveaways, connect with our community and learn more about what’s coming!

Source: NFT Evening