Midnight Gospel Inc. – Phase One (33 Exclusive NFTs)

The NFT Unicorn Phase-4 Midnight Gospel Inc. - Phase One (33 Exclusive NFTs) Todays NFT Drops

Midnight Gospel Inc. is a vogue ‘posters & creatives’ collection curated carefully to incorporate world-views, pop culture, psychedelic philosophy, Metaphysics & grunge aesthetics into sleek, visionary design ideas & posters. We believe in the “free mind” & advocate Peace, Sustainability & independence over Personal Consciousness through our Art & Ideas. Our progressive modern-day Gospels (what we call our art pieces) are meant to signify chance & constant flux of evolution in the universe as we come forward bringing a balance by bridging the gap between traditional ethics, pop culture & sub-culture movements, and futuristic progressive ideologies.

The main idea behind designing this project is to establish the culture we are promoting in the Metaverse; specifically, we plan to launch a Social Club in Decentraland called “House of Gospel” that will be a space for like-minded people to host think-tank meetings, it shall also act as an Art Gallery, Community Development Centre & Event Space. Midnight Gospel Inc. is a revolution in the Metaverse that will take trends by a storm as we also plan on shortly launching our own Token, Merchandise & several other rewards exclusively available to NFT Holders once the Drop is “Sold Out”.

Check out our website for more information & join the Discord Server for updates!

Source: NFT Evening