MekaMounts Mint Event

The NFT Unicorn MKM-GIF-9-Light MekaMounts Mint Event Todays NFT Drops

*A Vehicle NFT in which you can mount your PFP and create a 3RD “MOUNTED” NFT ! You can also trade spare parts & customize your MKM (Thanks to $MEKA) Fully rigged and Metaverse ready !

*The MKM will be featured in several metaverses partners (Yaku Corp, Sovana, Meta Heaven, UNIREXCITY etc..)

*PVE & PVP Play 2 Earn game demo video of our Pokemon-like battle game will be released before the mint

*Stake your MKM, get $MEKA et use it for auction or raffles to win some NFTs and whitelist

*Mint a MKM and receive a MKM Pass airdrop for our secret base Metaverse

*Discover & win some 1/1 MKM Legends featured unique Solana projects (Tombstoned, The Stoned Frogs, Yaku, Yawww & 30+more projects )

Source: NFT Evening