Maru Neko NFT Launch

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Maru Neko NFT is a collection of 10 000 randomly generated NFTs built on the Polygon blockchain. It will be able to mint on 9 February 2022.

✅20% of each mint will be rewarded to a random address. The MORE Maru NFT you BUY, The MORE reward you GET!
✅Buy 3 Maru NFT and Receive 1 new NFT (New Edition)!
✅Future benefits and giveaways!

Maru Neko is a next generation meme coin that aims to build utility by building it’s own metaverse world and economy. We felt that this was the most natural evolution of meme coins to ensure their survival.

We’re building the future home of Maru Neko and the largest meme coin game in the metaverse.

We’re creating utility for $MARU by building a P2E game, community-owned assets as NFTs, and a metaverse where $MARU holders can meet and hang out.

We aim to partner with other meme coins to bring them into our metaverse.

Source: NFT Evening