Mantis Club Minting Event

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The Mantis Club is not just a cummunity of NFT holders, it’s a collection of 2,500 unique NFTs with extra value for your Reallife.
It’s a community, which has free entrence on any Mantis event.
For the entrence you have to prove ownership of a Greedy Mantis and you’re good to go.
But what are Mantis events?
Any event can also be a Mantis event, like a party, a vernisage, a carmeet, an online-gathering, I think you got it by now.
Every Member can host such an event and invite other members to join.
But there will be at least one big gathering per year and the community can decide where it will take place.
There will be more events in the future, planned by the Creator & Friends.
For further information join our Discord server.

Max. Supply: 2,500
Minting prize: 50 MATIC

🚨 Roadmap for 2022 🚨

– 29th January start of minting phase
– 14th February Reveal Date

– Online Merch Shop: NFT holders participate when a merch Item with their NFT is sold. This grants a passive income for the community.

– Mantis Events:
Car Meets (tuned Cars, Sportscars, Oldtimer, Supercars)

Community Rave (coming this fall)

Online Gatherings (We want to play some games with you!)

I’m happy to announce that our MInting Event will take place on 29th January 2022 at 8pm +UTC
We’ll have a minting Dapp by then where you can connect your wallet and directly mint your own Mantis NFT.
The event will be held on our Discord.
We’re excited to see you all there.

Have a good one


Let’s make 2022 the greatest year for NFTs. ✨ 🚀

Source: NFT Evening