London Underground Collection Drop

The NFT Unicorn UGDSociety London Underground Collection Drop Todays NFT Drops

Beyond the London underground station’s collectibles, your NFTs will be usable as a pass for the upcoming stops of our underground journey. We have a long-term goal in mind that will set us apart from the ordinary collections. You will get access to exclusive experiences, online and offline which will include selective events across the world. After minting, each holder will have exclusive access to a private channel where the real journey begin. The community will work as a DAO, providing holders the power to decide in with direction the society should move.

Holders would also play a strategic role deciding in which NFTs project the Underground Society should invest to grow the portfolio and the pass value.

Each of our underground stations will be unique. However, some stations will offer you a VIP pass that will give you access to exclusive benefits, airdrops, giveaways along the upcoming stops in our journey.

Source: NFT Evening