KuOrks: A Unique Series Of 888 NFTs

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“Ah! What will we do with all our monies!”, exclaimed the citizens. From out of the crowd a voice appeared; “Leave it to me”, the voice said. “My tribe will take care of it!”

And thus was launched the TokenMerch store in the Vixenverse by the KuOrks!

KuOrks are a unique series of 888 adorable monster NFTs on KCC block chain, designed by TokenMerch, powered by KuPay.

🪂 Access to the $KUPAY airdrop
📜 Exchangeable for NFT-shares
🦊 Undisclosed Metaverse perks
🛒 10% Lifetime discount on TokenMerch.store

The KuOrks will be sold via KuSwap on their NFT Launchpad

March 18, 2022 @ 2pm UTC

The KuOrks will be sold for 3KCS.

Do you want to own a KuOrk and enjoy the benefits that they will bring? Keep an eye on our announcement channel and start connecting your Metamask to KCC before the 18th of March.

🛎 Stay up to date via Telegram.

TokenMerch is the first store that lists merchandise of different KCC projects and makes it possible for consumers to pay with their favorite KCC cryptocurrencies via KuPay.

KuPay is a platform for financial services bridging KCC to the traditional commercial/financial system.

On the platform users are able to:

Sign their businesses up for our KCC based Shopify/Woocommerce payment system adding KuPay Checkout to their website, allowing them to receive any KCC based token as a currency of payment.
Generate and send payment requests to other KCC users using the KuPay Payment Request app.
Track prices of all KCC based tokens via the KuPay Volatility Tracker bot on Telegram, as well as charts and info pages on the KuPay website
Swapping KCC based tokens and staking the platform home token ($KUPAY) to be eligible for receiving the NFT shares ($sKUPAY) airdrop.
Investing and trading the project NFT shares giving the virtual owners rights in the platform. Being the holder of NFT shares will give rights to receive part of the company profits in the platform’s home token.

Source: NFT Evening