Komorebi No Sekai

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Komorebi No Sekai NFTs is a collection of 8888 avatars representing the characters of the Komorebi No Sekai Manga Immerse yourself in a unique universe mixing NFTs and Manga. Based on ERC721A from the Azuki team, we implemented custom and unique features in our smart contract. Additionally, we use Chainlink VRF to randomly select a winner on-chain that will receive a set of predefined NFTs. Holders of our KNS NFTs will be able to participate actively in the creation of the manga. Hence the community will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with the artist and the team. In addition, each holder will be assigned to a side: Furaribi or Naito Raito.

Komorebi No Sekai
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When and Where

Komorebi No Sekai will be running on April 26, 2022, on the OpenSea marketplace. Additionally, we designed a unique NFT mechanism that will permit you to have a very incentivized experience but that is not mandatory to join our community. Additionally, a Gen 1 minter, you will be able to access Komorebi No Sekai’s Volume 1 and the next volumes.AVATAROur first-generation NFT collection consists of 8,888 best-dressed Naitos algorithmically generated and deployed in the Ethereum ecosystem. Additionally, as a Naito NFT owner, by completing special quests, you will be able to obtain special goodies and merch originating from the story, based on your innate skills and your investment in the community.

Komorebi No Sekai PROJECT VISION

We would love to build a community of passionate people around this project. People should always be the main focus of a project. We want to know more friendly people across the Ethereum ecosystem sharing our love of manga. Our goal is to build a DAO where the community can participate in writing, discussing topics, and evolving the project.


Creator: Komorebi No Sekai

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: OpenSea

Source: NFT Evening