Infinity Void Land Mint

The NFT Unicorn Infinity Void Land Mint Todays NFT Drops

We’re building a hyper Realistic metaverse with an aim to provide an immersive experience to the users backed by powerful graphics where they can buy/sell virtual real estate, earn money, build, abide, live, experience, interact and so much more from the comfort of your homes/offices.

Land in our metaverse could be used to stake to earn our native tokens, can be used to build playable experiences like Virtual Showrooms, NFT Showrooms, Galleries, Private Clubs, etc. using our SDK. Land can be monetise in multiple ways similar to IRL real estate. The backbone of our project is our Finity Token, more on Tokenomics can be found on our website. Though this is the token that will be earned out in our whole metaverse through multiple different ways based on what the community would like too do with there land.

With a fully doxxed team, we don’t plan on going anywhere, and plan too continue growing our project that has already been proven successful through our past mints.

Source: NFT Evening