Homeless Friends Mint

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Homeless Friends is an AI generated NFT Collection on the Ethereum Blockchain made up of 5999 unique pieces of digital art. Our main goal for this project is to bring a little bit of joy and relief to those suffering from Homelessness.

We’ll do this by giving 20% of mint proceeds and 30% of ongoing yearly royalties to charities, projects and non-profits supporting the homeless communities around the world…chosen by the Homeless Friends community!

On behalf of the Homeless Friends team, we sincerely thank you for your consideration in this project.


Whitelist Sale (.05ETH)
Free Airdrops for giveaway winners
OG (Free Mint)
Public Sale (.06ETH)

20% of Mint & 30% of quarterly royalties will be provided to homeless charities and projects **Once 30% of collection has been sold

$1,000 in ETH giveaway to 1 lucky member **Once 90% of collection has been sold
We will partner with upcoming collections and provide exclusive whitelist & FREE MINT opportunities for upcoming projects.

Free mint of Homeless Kidz collection for 1st edition Homeless Friends collection paid holders
50% of annual royalties will be provided to homeless youth charities and projects chosen by the community. **Once 90% of collection has been sold

Easy access Whitelist for 1st generation Homeless Friends paid holders for the 3rd collection of Homeless Mommas.
20% of mint and 50% of yearly royalties will be provided to mothers struggling with homelessness **Once 100% of collection has been sold

Launch of unique 1/1 homeless friends collection (Homeless friends will be gathering real life stories from individuals struggling with homelessness around the world. We will turn these individuals into unique characters. 50% of proceeds from the sale of each characters will be provided to the real human in some manner (TBD) )
**Once 100% of collection has been sold

Source: NFT Evening